Water supply


Another benefit of the Ecoplage technology is the possibility to use seawater coming from the drainage system for various applications.



Water intake


Along with protecting the beach from erosion, the Ecoplage technology can be used as a seawater intake. The water coming from the drainage system is highly filtered by the sand and is extremely clean. It can be easily used to supply aquariums, seawater pools, shellfish farms…

This solution is an alternative to heavier and more complex underwater works that can damage the ecosystem.


Production of fresh water by reverses osmosis


Desalination consists of separating the dissolved salts from seawater. There are several methods to produce fresh water from seawater; one of them being called reverse osmosis. This technology offers high benefits in terms of investment cost, energy consumption and water quality production.

Osmosis is a natural process by which water flows through a semi-permeable membrane: fresh water migrates towards salt water which is the most concentrated one. The balance is reached thanks to the osmosis pressure. The saltier the water is, the higher the osmosis pressure will be. It is possible to invert the process by applying pressure to the salt water and make the smallest water molecules migrate.

Reverse osmosis is a modern technique to treat seawater, brackish waters or domestic waters distributed via pipeline systems. This method eliminates 99% of organic and inorganic salts.

The benefit of coupling the reverse osmosis technology with the Ecoplage system is that it eliminates most steps of the usual water collection by pumping and filtration by strainers or sand filters.