Production of heat or cold


The principle of heat pump consists in using sea water as a hot source in the winter, and as a cold source in the summer.

Sea water is pumped and sent to filters to remove any impurities which could seal the exchangers.  It then progresses to the titanium heat exchangers which transfer this energy to the refrigeration cycle of the heat pump. The later supplies the infrastructures it is allocated to with heat or cold, depending on the need.

A pilot system was carried out at Saint Gille Croix de Vie (85-France) during the summer of 2013. The aim of this experiment was to show the feasibility of coupling a drainage system to a heat pump.


This process is implemented in La Baule to provide the energy needs of the Aquabaule aquatic centre (Learn more), and in St Jean de Luz to provide the ernergy needs of the Thalazur thalassotherapy centre (Learn more).