Initial characteristics of the beach :

The lido between Sète and Marseillan was suffering from apparent erosion for years. The coastal road was regularly submerged and damaged during winter storms. A coastal development project was approved by the Municipality of the “Bassin de Thau” (Thau Agglo). The purpose was to move the main road back of several meters and rebuild a dune ridge in order to recover sufficient beach width to cushion the heavy swells from the Mediterranean Sea. However this setback wasn’t resolving the persisting erosion issue.  In 2007, ECOPLAGE studied the possibility of adapting a drainage system to stabilize part of the future beach.


The Ecoplage® system was installed in 2012, it consists of : 

  • 2 beams of drains of 350m each (West and East)
  • A collector pipe and a central collector pipeline where drains meet
  • A lift station of 480m3/h placed behind the dune 
  • A delivery pipeline of 1000m
  • A discharge pipeline integrated in one of the groyne of "Les 3 Digues" beach


Video of the installation of the system in Sète :