Initial characteristics of the beach :

Quend beach is in an erosive phase. The erosion of Quend les Pins, mainly caused by the swell (induced from the prevailing westerly winds) led to a setback of the dune ridge up to 0.80m/year.





The coastal erosion causing this type of setback has, in most cases, adverse effects both from the ecological and the economical points of view.

For the Municipality of Quend, the main issue comes from the lowering of the beach in front of the riprap, which creates a humid sand and the emergence of puddles.

This observation entails a shift in beach activities and promotes a deterioration of the shorefront dunes from trampling.

Installed in 2008, the system consists of :
  • 2 beams of drains (North and South)
  • A collector pipe where all drains meet
  • A pump station which collects the water and sends it to the pressure balance chamber
  • A pressure balance chamber which enables the discharge of sea water by gravity flow 
  • A discharge pipeline


Since the installation of the Ecoplage system :
  • Dry beach
  • Filling of the puddles
  • Natural nourishment of the riprap bottom and the dune bottom
  • Protection of coastal infrastructures