✨ECOPLAGE is pleased to join the Pôle Mer Mediterranée !

🌊We are delighted to integrate this ecosystem and contribute to the sustainable development of the maritime and coastal economy.

As a member of the Pôle Mer Bretagne for many years, ECOPLAGE is turning to the Mediterranean. 

By joining the Pôle Mer Méditerranée, ECOPLAGE is integrating a powerful and diversified ecosystem, with more than 430 members (SMEs, research organizations, groups, banks, associations ...).

The values supported by the Pôle Mer Mediterranée correspond completely to the solutions proposed by ECOPLAGE.

Among the fields of activity favored by the Pôle Mer Mediterranée, ECOPLAGE can contribute to exchanges on marine energy resources, on the environment and coastal development, on ecological transition, but also on marine biological resources...

Indeed, thanks to its drainage system, ECOPLAGE allows to protect beaches against erosion but also to valorize them by using sea water to meet local needs:

  • Supply shellfish ponds, aquaculture...
  • Supply swimming pools, thalassotherapy ...
  • Oxygenate ports or lagoons
  • Supply desalination units
  • Air-conditioning (hot and/or cold) of buildings on the coast

Protect and enhance the coastline by using a local and available resource: seawater, to meet the needs of economic activities present on the coastline, while protecting the latter. A win/win solution for the coastline!